A Walk into the Woods

~ was all I asked of you

She looked at him…

She looked at him…

“I hadn’t expected you to stoop this low.”

They were parting ways.

He had found someone else and had wanted out of the relationship.

In a flash, their first meeting crossed her mind. And one by one, those moments when he had tried so hard to gain her trust. Everything had been a lie!!  He had used sympathy, guilt, blackmail and what not to make her say yes.

She wasn’t angry at him. She was angry…

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A Silo-istic Life

When I created this blog, I had vowed that I will not let negativity around my little forest. However, as time went by, I gave in to my weak moments and perhaps wrote a few posts that I was better off tearing and dumping into the Bay of Bengal.

I chose to blog anonymously, however, most of you, my friends know who I am and where I come from. And some of you have been of great support to me during…

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I know you are taken…

I know you are taken…

I know you are taken,
But I still love you.

If you define love in the conventional sense, I wouldn’t qualify for it. No. But still I would say I love you. You see, I have seen Love at close quarters. I have seen it in its filthiest shade, and then you came along. I knew you were unattainable and I never wanted to trust you. I never wanted to fall for you.

I mean, I had had enough. And it’s no…

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Falling from grace

I shall not do what she did,
Write pining poems over losing you
Remembering the times, missing you
I shall not do that… I won’t do

You have lost me.. not the other way around.

Maybe what she wrote was true
Maybe what you felt for her was true
Was I but just a replacement?
A boost to your ego, I now bid adieu

Wind chimes and rhymes will not deter me
And those unsaid promises will not detract me

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Ishq waliyan da hoya bura haal

Ishq waliyan da hoya bura haal

Makes sense no?

I had described about the legendary lovers who met tragic ends in this post.

Glorifying Failed Love

Song: 12 Saal

Artist: Bilal Saeed

O ranjhay majhiyan charayan 12 saal
Doli lay gaiay par khairhay aa kay naal

Phar mirzay vi puchya sawaal ka sahba
Dus kairi galon chali ye tu chaal

Haal majnu da hoya bay haal
o Sassi punnu di ki devaan men misaal

o Waikho jairhay v zamaanay o…

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A walk worth 365 steps

A walk worth 365 steps

A year

A milestone

A walk

A day a step

A churning

A salvation

A new beginning

A realization

A revelation

What has the past year not been?

Completed a year's walk

Completed a year’s walk

Here is what WordPress just wished me – Happy Anniversary!!

Wow.. it’s been a year already? That was fassssssssssssst.

Looking back, I can only thank my stars for where I am today. Been through a churning, but came out unscathed. Some…

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You didn’t love her… of course you didn’t!!

Just a picture for today.

You didn’t love her… of course you didn’t!!

Just a picture for today.

The Greatest Love of All

The Greatest Love of All

Returning love with the same and greater intensity
Submissive by choice

Mother and Baby

Mother’s love

Horse and Baby

Horse and Baby

I shall love you even if you look different, Baby Black Swan and Babies

I shall love you even if you look different, Baby

Couple in Love

I shall love you…

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When God plays Murderer

When God plays Murderer

Last week, my best friend lost her few-days old daughter.
She lost her daughter last year too.
Last year, her baby was 3 days old.

My only question is WHY?
Why give when you have to take away, GOD?
What lesson do you have to teach to a mother twice, by snatching away her days old daughter?


She asked me to suggest a few names when she was born.

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Unveiling the ‘dis-married’ on Women’s Day

Unveiling the ‘dis-married’ on Women’s Day

** Alert: The story might disturb you. Apologies for the same. Please read the prologue to understand the background behind this story.

She looked at the clock in the kitchen.
If the food did not satisfy him today, it would be another night filled with punishment for her again.

This had been going on for quite some time. Seeya looked anything but a newly wed bride. The tradition dictated that she…

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